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Welcome to Finegrid.
We're committed to make everyday textile pieces that blend the timeless elegance of a skillful tradition with a pinch of contemporary look.
And, we are highly concerned for the planet Earth.


My name is Merve Ipek

Somewhere - somehow, someone has claimed that it was women who designed the first ever interiors in history, by simply using handwoven fabrics! This begs for the inevitable conclusion that women made the earliest shelters which may very well mark a lineage to the homes we live in today.

With a background in interior design from both Istanbul Technical University and Parsons School of Design, I spent years researching and contemplating ways to create better environments for humans with a huge emphasis on materiality. My endless desire to use natural materials, consciously consume and do it as least as possible irresistibly led me to rethink where it all begins. Our homes. What does it mean to create comfort in our home while considering sustainability?

Well, the answer I came up with is to avail traditional handwoven fabrics from Turkey within the shelter as a way to turn it into a home!

So, I founded FineGrid as my woman-owned small business. FineGrid is less of a third party retail business than it is a platform that mediates an exchange between incredibly talented local artisans in Turkey and the rest of the world. These artisans run family owned workshops and we support them in continuing to pursue the thousand years old heritage of handweaving, in sustainable fashion.

At FineGrid, we are dedicated to present fine quality textiles that offer carefully curated as well as ethically produced and priced products that are also eco-friendly.

By supporting our woman-owned small business you’ll also support our values.


Thank you!

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